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Wayne A. Wallace, Ph.D.
 Forensic Criminologist
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Articles by Wayne

Wallace, W. (2015). The Effect of Confirmation Bias on Criminal Investigative Decision Making (Doctoral dissertation). Retrieved from ProQuest/UMI (Manuscript No. 15885).

Wallace, W. (2011). Latent evidence: Hidden proof that matters. Lex Loci, Northern Kentucky Bar Association. Covington, KY.

Wallace, W. (2010) Forensic Child Witness Interviewing: Avoiding Suggestibility to Preserve Reliability. (Master’s Thesis) The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Forensic Psychology. 

Stephens, C. L. MD. & Wallace, W. (October, 2002). In custody death: Positional asphyxia or sudden death syndrome? American Society for Clinical Pathology, Check Sample No. FP 02-0 (FP-280).

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